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Since 1939, the Steel Deck Institute has provided uniform industry standards for the design, manufacture, and field usage of steel deck products. 

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Steel strength unpacked: Understanding today’s standards

Steel’s role in construction is fundamental, thanks to its incredible versatility and robustness. However, picking the right type of steel for specific builds isn’t a matter of making an educated guess about what type of steel will “get the job done” –  it’s a process that demands awareness of and ...
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Learn all about steel decking designed as a diaphragm at the 2024 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Steel deck diaphragms can be an efficient and cost-effective way of resisting lateral loading on a structure because the deck can do so while supporting gravity and uplift loading at the same time. Furthermore, the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) continues to provide resources that make designing with steel deck easier. ...
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Building Stronger: Key Takeaways from Steel Deck Institute’s NASCC Presentations

At the upcoming NASCC, the steel industry’s premier educational event, members of the Steel Deck Institute, including Kyle Van Duzer, Tom Sputo, and Gerald McKenzie, will deliver insightful presentations that reflect the latest advancements and practices in steel construction. These presentations are poised to offer a comprehensive overview of the ...
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Explore the various standards adopted by the building codes as well as research that the SDI has involvement in for advancement of the industry.

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