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Transforming Construction with Cold-Formed Steel Research

Cold-Formed Steel Researchers

Researchers are dedicated professionals and academics at the forefront of advancing the field of cold-formed steel construction. With their expertise and commitment, they push the boundaries of structural engineering, seeking innovative solutions to maximize the potential of cold-formed steel. These researchers work on comprehensive and impactful projects that aim to improve the design, performance, and sustainability of cold-formed steel structures. Through extensive testing, advanced simulations, and collaboration with industry partners and associations, cold-formed steel researchers contribute to the development of safer, more efficient, and cost-effective construction methods. Their work fuels innovation, empowers engineers, and shapes the future of cold-formed steel in the building industry.

SDI Position on Overhead Expenses for Research

Dr. Andrew Bechtel
The College of New Jersey
Dr. Hannah Blum
University of Wisconsin
Dr. Matthew R. Eatherton, PE, SE
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Dr. W Samuel Easterling, PE
Iowa State University
Dr. Thomas Gernay
John Hopkins University
Dr. Kara D. Peterman
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dr. Benjamin Schafer, PE
Johns Hopkins University
Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium
The Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium (CFSRC) is the leading global organization dedicated to impactful research that advances the design of cold-formed steel structures.
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