Comprehensive Resources for Steel Deck Systems

Our publications provide detailed guidelines, specifications, and design recommendations for various aspects of steel deck systems. They include standard details and examples to aid in the practical implementation of steel deck systems.

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Construction Manuals
The SDI construction manuals are invaluable resources providing practical guidance for safe and proper installation of steel deck systems. Contractors, installers, and construction teams can follow these guidelines and examples to ensure accurate installation, adherence to best practices, and structurally sound steel deck structures.
Design Manuals
The SDI design manuals are authoritative references, providing architects, engineers, and construction professionals with detailed information on design criteria, structural analysis, attachment methods, and diaphragm design. They ensure safe, efficient, and durable integration of steel decks, optimizing project success.
Technical Notes
SDI tech notes offer concise, in-depth insights and solutions for steel deck systems. Engineers, architects, and construction professionals can access valuable guidance to enhance their understanding and proficiency in utilizing steel decks for various applications.
Miscellaneous Publications
SDI offers diverse resources, including Codes & Standards publications and supplements. These resources provide additional information, insights, and reports to complement the comprehensive knowledge base provided by SDI.
Archived Publications
Historical resources providing insights into steel deck system evolution. Includes older design manuals, technical notes, and reports reflecting past practices and industry standards. Valuable for researchers and professionals interested in the historical context and progression of steel deck technology.
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