Building Stronger: Key Takeaways from Steel Deck Institute’s NASCC Presentations

At the upcoming NASCC, the steel industry’s premier educational event, members of the Steel Deck Institute, including Kyle Van Duzer, Tom Sputo, and Gerald McKenzie, will deliver insightful presentations that reflect the latest advancements and practices in steel construction. These presentations are poised to offer a comprehensive overview of the challenges and innovations shaping the field today.

Kyle Van Duzer, alongside Joseph Craigen from New Millennium, aim to demystify the process of deck detailing. Their joint presentation will walk attendees through the life cycle of a deck detailing project, starting from the initial kickoff meeting to the final creation of a bill of materials. By breaking down the process into digestible steps and highlighting effective coordination techniques, Van Duzer and Craigen intend to illuminate the complexities of deck detailing and the importance of communication throughout the process. They plan to share insights on improving interactions between detailers, architects, engineers, and installers to streamline project execution.

Tom Sputo will explore two critical aspects of steel construction. His first presentation, co-hosted with New Millennium Building Systems, will focus on wind design for joists and deck. This session aims to educate designers on properly calculating wind forces and ensuring these forces are accurately accounted for throughout the building’s structural system. Sputo will emphasize how correct specification and installation of connectors is instrumental in preventing failures in extreme wind events. His second talk will explore the code of standard practice for steel joists and decks, offering clarity on the responsibilities of different parties involved in construction. By outlining what’s included in the steel deck package and detailing the approval and erection process, Sputo seeks to foster a better understanding of project roles and improve project outcomes.

Gerald McKenzie will present with Hamid Foroughi of Nucor/Vulcraft. Their presentation will focus on the design and performance of diaphragms in steel structures. The talk will cover the coordination of deck diaphragm design with other building elements, underscoring the importance of a holistic approach to specifying and ensuring the diaphragm’s performance. McKenzie will target design engineers specifically, aiming to equip them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about decking products and their application in lateral load systems.

Collectively, these presentations at the NASCC represent a concerted effort by SDI to advance the knowledge base of the steel industry by enhancing understanding, encouraging better communication among professionals, and highlighting the significance of detail and precision in ensuring the safety and integrity of steel structures. 

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